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Modern Kitchen

Our Services


We up the ante by offering proactive leasing services, which include photography, video walk-throughs, target SEO for keywords renters look for, and syndication for maximum exposure.


We handle all financial transactions for the property, and prepare 1099's annually. We provide an easy payment solution for residents, so collecting rent timely and distributing to owners quickly is our goal.

Screening & Enforcement

We handle all tenant screenings and documentation to remain compliant with state and local laws. Plus, we make the decisions so you don't have to! We handle noncompliance and legal issues for you.


Properties are typically the largest expense in one's lifetime, and we want to maintain your asset(s). We have a robust maintenance portal that allows residents to report deficiencies quickly, so that we can address them swiftly. 

Rental Analysis

We are happy to research comparables and provide you with rental market data so that you can appropriately price your rental property. Remain competitive while limiting vacancy.


No nickeling and diming here. We include exterior and interior inspections in our fees. We commit to a minimum of one inspection annually, at no additional cost.


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